Monday, June 11, 2012

Ignore the Debt Hype

Sarah Turner and I have an article today on student loan debt on Based on the comments, it appears we have found an audience that needs educating. Juicy bits:
"The central bankers own the media, who in turn convince our students to borrow money from the banks (central bankers) to go to college."
"Ignore the debt hype. College is a great investment,,, Hahahahahhahahhahahahaha. The jobs today are paying 8.00 hour and they want you to have a masters degree and 2 years of brain sugery experience just to flip hamburgers. This post is posting this comment because they're getting kickbacks for the idiots that signs up to pay 50,000 dollars for a BA degree. After graduation you'll be in dept for the rest of your life, they will take any taxes you have coming and any wages you make until it's paid off. COLLEGE IS THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO IN THIS ECONOMY."